Saturday, January 23, 2010

What Do I Know and Why Should You Care?

I have been encouraged by a few friends and my writing teacher to start a blog. I have no objection to this per se, as those who know me well, know that I have many opinions on a myriad of subjects. Like that word, myriad? I don't play Scrabble, but I bet that word would get me a lot of points.

The thing is, it seems like all of a sudden, it seems as if everyone and his brother and sister have blogs. Have you noticed that? Is this the "tipping point" to quote, the author Malcolm Gladwell. Now that's fine, but who has time to read all of this stuff? Still, I have been told I have a unique voice and that people would be interested in what I have to say, so we'll see, right? What have I got to lose?

I am a fifty-something, hence the title, woman living in SF. Divorced for many years, no children, thank goodness. Nothing against them, I love my friends' kids, and I am a great godmother, if I do say so myself, but lets face it, they are a lot of work, if you plan to do it right and they are very expensive. Frankly, I am much too self-involved to be a parent and wouldn't have been any good at childrearing until after I turned 40 and then it was too late. Which is fine. I have been told that I would have made a good mom. Who knows. I sometimes feel guilty that I am not a Big Sister or didn't adopt one, but the work involved overwhelms me. I can barely take care of my cat! But I was watching a little of the "Hope for Haiti" telethon last night and there was little girl, an orphan who made my heart melt. I turned the channel as my way of dealing with that, but I digress.

I am gainfully employed, thank goodness for that, in a job I like, but it doesn't define me. But at a time when baby boomers have been decimated by the "great recession", I am very thankful to have a good job. Question, what's so great about this recession and why must everything have a brand or title?

I love movies, reading, cooking, dining out, travelling, writing and politics. I am blessed to have many good friends. I am a native of Oakland and proud of it. That city gets a bad rap. It's a shame, but Oakland has long had an inferiorty complex, being in the shadow of SF and all. It hurts my heart when I hear about the violence that goes on, because it's a great city and the people who live there know it. SF claims it's diverse, Oakland is true to its diversity. Maybe when they get a new mayor, things will be better. What a disaster that turned out to be. Way to ruin your legacy Dellums. You were a great congressman and should have put your ego aside, but then again he is politician and I guess he couldn't help himself. Sigh.

I think that's enough for now. As time goes on, I will tell you more about me as it relates to whatever I feel inclined to write about.

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